Custom Tailored Permanent Life Insurance Policies to Get Excited About

Permanent life insurance as a predictable, low-risk, flexible asset.

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The VOSS Difference

Your life insurance has to change to meet your needs throughout your lifetime. The policy you bought a few years ago may not be the best option for you right now. Unfortunately, most people don’t do regular audits of their policy, let alone when major life changes happen.

Changing a life insurance policy isn’t easy either, making it even more essential that your policy is structured correctly at the outset. That’s why VOSS asks the questions other agencies don’t bother to, because our unbiased and objective advice is aimed at accomplishing one thing:

We increase benefits and/or reduce premiums for over 90% of our clients.

When paired with the thoughtful financial planning VOSS can provide, our clients can benefit from permanent life insurance as an asset - a predictable, low-risk, flexible, solution. A custom tailored policy from VOSS can include:

Tax Benefits

The accumulation of cash value is tax deferred and typically tax-free on the back side. The death benefit, structured correctly and held in a trust, is also capital gains tax free and estate tax free.

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Estate Benefits

Life insurance is an extremely efficient method of transferring wealth to the next generation. As mentioned earlier, it’s tax-free in many situations including the estate tax, when structured correctly.

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Living Benefits

Life insurance is designed to help you take care of your loved ones with the financial security of a death benefit, but a custom premium policy structured by VOSS can help you take care of yourself also.

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Using a portion of your net wealth to secure a sizable death benefit gives you the freedom and flexibility to use the remainder of your wealth as you see fit. The death benefit, combined with the other benefits that come with

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Volatility Buffering

Life insurance can act as a “volatility buffer” that maintains value in a down market. While this role has typically been filled by bonds, the financial crisis of 2007-2008 was a prime example of why bonds can no longer

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Creditor Protection

Although laws vary by state, most states protect some or all of the cash value from creditors as long as the policy is structured in a way that protects the policy owners and beneficiaries.

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