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Group Insurance Benefits

What Can VOSS Do For Your Business?

For most companies, employee benefits are typically the single biggest expense after payroll. Group insurance plans can change dramatically, with more high-deductible, HSA compatible plans replacing traditional HMO/PPO plans. Without proper planning like the customized solutions VOSS can provide, it can be easy to make a mistake that ends up costing your business money, and letting down employees who rely on you to offer them the best possible coverage.

VOSS uses innovative, cost-effective solutions to create employee benefits packages that boost employee morale, help attract and retain top talent, and most importantly save businesses money.

The reason we can do this is because we can offer solutions to our small and medium business clients that are normally only available to large businesses with more than 100 employees. VOSS takes the time to ask the questions other agencies don’t, and with access to a wide range of group insurance companies, we can pair you and your business with the best possible combination of price and coverage.


The benefits of working with VOSS include:

  • A complimentary review of your current employee benefits plan.
  • Employee benefits options that will save money and enhance current benefits.
  • A comprehensive compliance review that identifies weaknesses and potential liabilities, and offers solutions to fix those gaps.
  • Monthly claims reports and plan usage analysis that help keep you on track for high renewal rates and potential refunds on premiums paid.
  • 24/7 support for your in-house benefits administrator and employees.
customized solutions

VOSS offers customized solutions for

Group Health Insurance

Group Dental

Group Disability

Group Vision

Cost Saving Supplementary Insurance

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