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Benefits Case Study #2

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Fast-growing healthcare services company was looking to enhance their current benefits options to increase employee retention while also staying compliant.


We reduced their health insurance costs by 20% through solutions such as a carve-out. We used those savings to add other lines of coverage such as disability insurance to enhance value to their employees. To increase tax savings for the employee, we implemented a Section 125 plan. This allows employees to increase their take home pay by using pretax dollars to contribute to their employee benefits. It also saves the employer 7.65% FICA taxes on each pre tax dollar contributed by the employee.


  • Utilizing our carrier relationships, we were able to reduce individual disability policy premiums by 15-20% for every employee.
  • The employer received multiple emails of appreciation from the employees for providing this benefit as well as reducing their health insurance costs.
  • In addition, during our compliance check-up, we were able to identify a potential liability of over $60,000 in federal and state penalties.
  • With our help over the next few months, they were able to fix it and become fully compliant.


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